Wrapping Up Summer Habitat for Humanity Summer Service Project

For the third and final time this summer, the East Cooper Breakfast Rotary family gathered together to help a family in need through the critical repairs project for East Cooper Habitat for Humanity.

The Rotary Club was led by President extraordinaire Charles Muldrow, a true problem solver in replacing the front soffit and fascia of the family’s home, which Habitat for Humanity found to be damaged while they were replacing the roof. Charles’s team consisted of Dimi Matouchev (Service Chair for Habitat for Humanity Projects for the East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club), Jill Aiken, Dick Bennington, Wayne Cassaday and Ryan Corder, a friend of the Rotary Club.  A team of extremely skilled painters worked to freshen up the back side of the family home as well as the trim on front facing windows. Those painters included Mary English, Beth Santilli, Jeff Pulley, Tracy Cassaday and Zlati Matouchev. Despite the 80°+ heat the East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club came together and worked hard to make sure that a family in the 11 Mile Community can once again call their house a home. Thank you for all who took time out of your busy schedules to help out with this project this summer!

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