Interact Clubs in High Schools

District 7770 Interact


District 7770 has a rich Interact (International action) history.  Interact was originally founded at a Florida high school in 1965 as a means to introduce high school students to the ideals of “service above self”.

Today, District 7770 has approximately 60 high-school based clubs with around 2,500 members.  These 60 clubs participate in a wide-range of service activities including adopt-a-highway, serving seniors, neighborhood clean-ups, mentoring, reading to children, helping the poor and raising money for local causes, Polio Plus and Gift of Life.  To date, 7770 clubs have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Rotary’s Polio Plus campaign and almost $175,000 to the 7770 Gift of Life campaign.

Probably one of the greatest benefits of an Interact Club is exposing young people to professionals via joint projects and having Interactors at Rotary club meetings.  This is a wonderful opportunity for youth to spend time with people of different backgrounds, interests, and professions.

Clinton High School Interact Club

 Interact clubs are easy to start and easy to maintain.  After all, it is a club organized and run by the youth.  A school sponsor is all that is necessary.  There are high school clubs and there are community-based clubs.  Both operate in basically the same manner.

If you would like further information about starting your own Interact Club you can check out Interact on the Rotary International website or you can certainly contact one of the District’s committee members: Eunika Simons – Chair, or Tom Hall – past Chair,

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