WE NEED 1 MORE HOST FAMILY for December 2019- mid March 2020

Our 2019-2020 Rotary Youth Exchange Student Ester will arrive on August 2nd from Ribeiras das Neves, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Ester has a first and a third host family but we still need a family to open their home to Ester for the three month span of time in between. The exact dates that a student switches families is up to the families but roughly the time would be start of December until mid March.

Every year exchange students and their parents are required to write a letter to their future host families. I have read these letters from Ester and her parents and I can assure you she is a brilliant, responsible, determined young woman. Ester speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English proficiently. She wants to study medicine and hopefully specialize in neurosurgery. Ester, with the support of her family, has made the most difficult decision that any 17 year old can make: she is leaving her family and friends and the only home she’s ever known in Brazil to come to a strange new place for a year of her life. The Rotary Club of East Cooper Breakfast, the city of Charleston, Rotary District 7770, the state of South Carolina, and the United States of America are welcoming Ester with open arms. I’m asking that someone open their home for 3 short months to this beautiful, courageous young woman. This is not just a life changing experience for the student but for the host families a like. Ester will become a part of your family and you hers; you will create a life long bond.

*Below are some social media ads as well as 2 links to informational sheets that tells you everything you need to know about hosting a student. Send these materials to someone or give me their contact info to reach out myself.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take 5 minutes to post a photo or link from below to any one of your social media accounts- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc. OR PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a moment to text, email, or call a friend, co worker or family member that you think might be interested.. OR who might know someone who is interested. Ask your church or ask your boss… ask your neighbors..

***There’s been a bigger push for host families this year*** The reason being because our club typically sends a student abroad, an outbound, at the same time as hosting a student, the inbound. It is an obligation of that outbound student to procure families, however this year the district did not have enough outbound students for our club to send one.

AGAIN please take just a moment to ask just a few people to help Rotary in one of our most important programs. Rotary Youth Exchange promotes global peace and cultural understanding as well as encouraging leadership, cultural and language skills.

“My dream is for every 17-year old to become a Youth Exchange Student.  If we could achieve this, there would be no more wars.” 

– Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, Rotary International President 2004-2005

YouTube Video of Host Family Experience