Teens Received Intro To Financial Planning

Approximately 20 teenagers from the Charleston Y-Achievers program received an introduction to financial planning thanks to a collaborative effort from Wes McKenna of the McKenna Agency, Russell Stewart of The Merrick Financial Group, and Members of the East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club.  Mr. McKenna and Mr. Stewart led the two-hour class last Saturday at the College of Charleston N. Charleston Campus where they taught the basics on how to balance a checkbook, how to invest a portion of earnings each month in savings and IRA accounts, and how to make wiser choices on spending money.  The Rotary Club provided lunch as well as the Total Money Makeover book by Dave Ramsey for each student to take home.  Charleston Y-Achievers staff and the East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club hope to make this a long-term financial literacy class throughout the school year.