Speakers for October 13th Meeting – Global Renewal, LLC

For the October 13th meeting, top officers of Global Renewal, LLC will speak to our group about “Trash to Treasures”, or in other words, the current state of waste disposal in our region and the development of new technology that transforms waste to energy systems.

Global Renewal, LLC is a professional services firm focused on transforming waste products and renewable resources into sustainable energy sources and products that are environmentally friendly and improve our quality of life.  They accomplish this through the development of projects, consulting services, and project financing in the renewable energy sector.

Speakers will include:

Bob Kodrzycki, PhD, biochemist and Chief Technical Officer for Global Renewal, LLC.  He has more than 23 years’ experience in biotech product development, management of multi-disciplinary programs, building high-performance teams and optimizing processes to reduce input and maximize efficiency.  He is currently the Principal at Encompass Biotech LLC, a biotechnology business development consultancy specializing in the integration of technology in the business environment, building effective partnerships and bringing products to market.  He is an inventor on nine issued and 10 pending US and international patent applications.

Jamie Jordan, Chief Strategy Officer of Global Renewal, LLC.  He is a global award-winning industry leader with over 25 years of experience in technology, automation, services and manufacturing environments.  His experience in positions of CEO, President, sales, operations and engineering management, has led to the development of The Enterprise Excellence Framework.  This system is used to assist organizations in their pursuit of excellence while producing a solid infrastructure that enables sustainable prosperity.

Marshall Deutsch, Chief Development Officer of Global Renewal, LLC.  He is an entrepreneur who has created and sold several businesses in the Charleston, S.C. and Washington, D.C. areas, including Renaissance, TC Designs and On-Site Legal Services.  He has substantial experience in development, military contracting and legal industries.  He received a Paul Harris recognition from the East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club.