Service Team Challenge

As of November 10th, 2017, the Super East Coopers (Jill Aiken, Dick Bennington, Mike Bloser, Ted Chestnut, Dawes Cooke, Amber Deutsch, Earl Rigler, Mike Weeks) lead the Service Team challenge with 30 points while 3 teams have 20 points.   Each week the latest results will be published in the newsletter.   End of year winners will be treated to an social outing to celebrate all of the great service projects that were supported during the year.

Let’s start working on those club service projects to help support our community.  By performing service work or by bringing in new members adds points to your team’s total.   The point in the Service Team Challenge is to have more club engagement with our projects and bring in a little health competition.

On Tuesday, November 14th, the club will sit by service teams during the club assembly.   Each team will be given the opportunity to discuss future service projects.

Rules for Service Team Challenge:


–       1 completed project is worth 100 points.   Project has to be initiated by service team.

–       Each member who attends a service project is worth 10 points.

–       If the entire team attends project, it is worth another 20 points.

–       If a member attends another team’s project, it is worth 5 points to the member and to the host team.

–       Habitat for Humanity, Happy Feet, and Toys for Tots do not count as team projects; however, members attending each event is worth 10 points.

–       Projects should be at 3 hours in duration and members should attend for entire time to get points.

–       Mike Bloser (Service Team Chair) will collect points for service related projects.


–       1 new member is 100 points to the team of the sponsor.

–       Each member who attends a qualifying membership event (Mount Pleasant Business Expo, Summer Soiree) gets 10 points.

–       Members who transfer from another club into the ECRB club do not count.

–       New members who do not have initial sponsors and have the club president sponsor do not count.

–       Applies to all new members who come their first meeting as of 7/1/2017.

–       Members who have 100% club meeting attendance at the end of the year get 10 points.

–       Mike Bloser will collected points for membership portion of team challenge.