Service Project Challenge Status Update

1)     Sharon’s Sharks (Sharon Hartley)  – 365 points (2 service project completed)

2)     Brandon’s Roaches (Brandon Roach)  -350 points (1 service project completed, 1 soiree completed)

3)     A team (John Albrecht) – 340 points (1 service project, 1 soiree completed, 1 new member brought in)

4)     Loggerheads (Stephanie Bates) – 150 points – (1 service project)

5)     Clean Sweepers (Mary English) – 125 points

6)     Barracudas (Alison Dailey) – 50 points

We have 3 teams that are within 25 points from each other with two months left!   I know the A team plans to have another service project while Brandon’s Roaches is looking to bring in another member.   We have 4 teams that have yet to do a soiree so there are opportunities to score some points are there also.

Team leaders – I ask that you communicate with your teams the current results as necessary and how you want to plan the remainder of the year.  Really stress the participation with your team members.   If there are errors in the spreadsheet or something is missing, please let me know.

The team with the most points will be recognized at the end of the Rotary calendar year from President Mike with a little something special for the effort the winning team put in.