Oktoberfest Great Success!

yf9CEp2C2Ryr3-C7XHW-1JVcQii2TuFiXKwaVZmmo94,Cyvws0oHxpB8CA3vMB5DJMy0ZPugqh16E9DEMx9SFqo,EsjcpxVtAS2Bsxyle7w-8Yf8_tx_eU1OjW92BJ_0s_8The Oktoberfest Race was a great success as far as being fun, having good weather, and having great Rotarian participation.  I hope when the final numbers are tallied it will be a financial success as well.

If you were one of the members who helped out on Saturday; thank you.  We could not have pulled it off without everyone’s help.  If you were part of the planning committee; thank you for all of your hard work over several months.  And then a BIG THANK YOU to Stephanie Bates!  She really put her heart and sole into making this event a success.
If you took photographs on Saturday, Warren is collecting them into a DropBox.  Please email Warren at wwpruitt@att.net and he will send you the DropBox link.
Charles Muldrow, President