Meeting Agenda for December 16, 2014

Rotary Club of East Cooper – Breakfast         Dec 16, 2014

Thought of the day / Pledge                             Charles Duffy

Visitors and Guests                                            Tripp Hoover – Secretary

Happy Dollars                                                    Sam/Catherine

Blue Bucket/Match                                             Jack Vax

Monthly Service Project, Hollings Cancer       Amber Deutsch


  • Member Matters
  • Board Positions Filled –
    • Charles, President, Mike Bloser, Pres-elect, Tripp Hoover, Treasurer, and Stephanie Bates, Secretary
    • Board Members – Ashley Adams, Ted Chestnut, Sharon Hartley
    • 3rd Reading – Judy Parsons
    • Induction – Melissa Stabene, Judd Roberts

Rotary Minute                                                     Charles Muldrow

Speaker Introduction                                         Lisa/Tim

Holiday Program                                              Stephanie Bates

Book Presentation 

Weekly Greeters Drawing

 Visitors and Guests

Next Meeting                1/6/15                  Happy New Year!

Four Way Test