May 17th Guest Speaker – Jorge Riano, Greenby3

Jorge RianoThe East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club will welcome Jorge Riano, founder of Greenby3, to speak at our next meeting Tuesday, May 10, 2016.  GreenBy3 was founded in  in 2008 to offer a better approach to commercial construction and renovation project management.  Their clients range from large tech companies to small nonprofit organizations.  In the six years since its founding, GreenBy3 has grown to having five full-time employees, an extensive network of resources and a second location in Hendersonville, NC.

GreenBy3 has a  Triple Bottom Line business philosophy, which means they are all about finding ways to have a positive impact on the environmental and within our community. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in every project. They recommend environmentally friendly options that keep reusable material out of the landfill and educate our clients about cost-saving green technology. If new materials are required, they look at the most sustainable and local resources available.

GreenBy3 regularly donates materials to organizations in need, educates people about the importance of sustainability and collaborates with organizations that share their vision to make a positive impact in the community.