Barracuda Service Team Collecting Toiletries for Homeless

Can you imagine carrying all your worldly possessions with you, everywhere you go?  How many toiletries can you really own…are those 16 oz bottles of lotion, shampoo, and mouthwash worth the weight?  And what about clothing…what do you do with that winter coat when its 94 degrees outside?

That is what the homeless deal with everyday.  Their clothing becomes disposable…when it gets too dirty, its thrown away.  And regular size toiletries just aren’t practical.

With that in mind, the Barracuda Service Team is sponsoring a mini-size toiletry drive.  You can help by donating items that you already have:  those toiletries that you take from hotels and airline first class; the small samples from the cosmetic counter that you will never use; toothbrushes from the dentist.  Please donate only new, unused items.  Our team will be collecting these items at our regularly scheduled Tuesday meetings and donating to the homeless.  So clean out those drawers and make a difference..The homeless will appreciate it!