April 24th Guest Speaker – Tim Winkler, Winkler Group

The East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club will meet Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 7:30 a.m. in The Cooper River Room at the Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park. We are pleased to hear from Tim Winkler, CEO and Principal of the Winkler Group, a full-service fundraising firm. Breakfast catered by Dish and Design Catering and Events.

Tim Winkler spent his first fifteen professional years in university advancement. He worked in small and large shops, in all positions from annual fund and alumni affairs to director of development and chief development officer.

Each university he worked for went through a campaign during his time there. Each school hired the “best” campaign counsel in the profession…or at least what they were led to believe was the best.

No matter how big or well-respected the firm, Tim was consistently underwhelmed by their service. Their counsel was boiler plate, generic. They kept the client busy being busy, and checked in periodically. They were quick to take credit when things went well, and the first to blame others when success didn’t come.

Because Tim always felt like things could-and should-be done differently, he founded the Winkler Group in 2004. With a vision for creating something completely different than anything Tim had previously experienced in fundraising, the Winkler Group would serve clients the way he had wanted to be served.