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Oct 242016

Rotary Happy Feet was held this past Saturday at Target Shopping Center and was a big success!   We partnered up with the Mount Pleasant Rotary Lunch Club and 276 pairs of shoes were given away to underprivileged kids from the East Cooper area.   I would like to thank the following members who attended:   Michael Eckard, Jill Aiken, Dawes Cooke, Terry Hundley, Melissa Stabene, Mel Goodwin, Dick Bennington, Earl Rigler, and Dimi Matouchev..   I have attached a few pictures from the event.

Thanks for your continue support of Rotary and the community we serve!

Mike Bloser
East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club

rotary-happy-feet-registration dimi happy-feet-group-picture jill shoe-sizing-terry-and-mel

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